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Are You Still Single? Comedy Series

Miranda Hart

Miranda Hart

Are You Still Single?

Are You Still Single? centres around our lovable, if slightly eccentric, Vanessa James. It is a series of short stories that follows our heroine through some painfully awkward moments and unfortunate events that would leave the most shameless of us embarrassed! How will she fare? Read each day to find out….

Meet Vanessa James

Vanessa is an intelligent yet hapless single thirty-something woman who is hopeless when it comes to affairs of the heart and leaves in her wake a string of dire dating disasters. “Better to be single than tied down to a twat,” is her motto yet all she seems to attract is just that. Twats. Despite being unlucky in love and swimming in cynicism, Vanessa is a hopeless romantic. Bought up by her bitter Aunty Mildred, Vanessa displays what could only be described as, the patience of a saint, yet underneath her cool and calm exterior lays a bubbling volcano of unexpressed emotion.

Awkward to the end, Vanessa often wonders if she is Miranda Hart’s long lost twin. (you know- the one off the tele!)

Follow Vanessa on her journey through Mr Wrongs and dating disasters. Will she eventually find real love with Mr Right or will she remain forever single? Jump aboard and subscribe to the blog to read the first part of the episode.

Episode 1- Always the Bridesmaid Never the Bride.

Click the link below to read the first part of the episode

Always the Bridesmaid Never the Bride- Part I

I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas as to what you think should happen next.