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Excerpts from Mr Wrong

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Excerpts from Mr Wrong.

Are You Still Single? The Final Instalment !!!

Are You Still Single? The Final Instalment!!

Episode- Always the Bridesmaid Never the Bride


emotionbaggageIt was time to face the music. I lugged my suitcase down the hotel corridor. I had some serious making up to do and it wasn’t going to be an easy feat. Somehow, last night’s fit of passion gave me the courage and conviction I needed to set things right. Poor Aunty Mildred. She hadn’t deserved my wrath. As bitter and bewildering as she is, she is still my Aunty. She’d looked after me from Day 1, taking place of mother when she passed away. It must have been tough. She lived in a loveless marriage and now lived in state of constant mourning and consumption of red wine. I should be supporting her and pitying her. If it meant the occasional criticism of so be it. Where had this new found compassion come from? “Love conquers all!” I felt my heart jump inside.

I was going to set things right and embark on a new chapter of Love with my Mr Right!

I knocked on the door.

No answer.

I knocked again.


“Aunty Mildred.”


“Aunty Mildred?”

I waited a few moments.

Perhaps she’d gone down to breakfast.

I wondered down stealing myself.


I stood before the breakfast crowd guests glancing around for my poor Aunty Mildred.

She was nowhere to be seen.

“If you’re looking for your Aunty Mildred, she’s gone,” she said.

It was Anna’s mother. She stood, lips pursed and nose upturned, looking at me as though I was nothing more than a mere atom.

I’d got to get out of there.

I decided upon having a bowl of cornflakes before my departure.

As I began filling up, suddenly there he was.


He was standing beside me filling up a glass full of orange juice.

“Morning,” I smiled.

A friendly face at last.

He simply stared at me blankly and walked off as if he’d never seen me before in his life.

My mind could not comprehend that he’d actually ignored me.

He’d simply ignored me as if I wasn’t there.

I blinked back the tears. That all too familiar pain of rejection began to well up in my heart.

It felt like being dumped all over again.

My heart cried inside but I was determined not to cry.

I deserved it. I was a horrible person. I was horrible to Aunty Mildred, horrible to Andrew all these years and deep down I secretly envied Anna and her privileged life. I was bitter. I was just like Aunty Mildred. I was Aunty Mildred.

I felt eyes boring into my back. As I turned round I caught Andrew’s eyes. He was staring at me intently. That look again.

He smiled at me.



He turned back to engage in conversation.

Never had I felt so alone.

As I walked towards a table for two, away from the breakfast guests, I saw Stephen pass the glass of orange juice to his girlfriend. She kissed his lips and he stroked her hair.

I looked away.


Eating those cornflakes was one of the hardest things I’d ever done. There I was on a table for two, isolated and alone blinking back tears staring at a bowl of cornflakes I neither wanted or desired. My throat was so closed I feared that eating a spoonful would choke me to death and I certainly didn’t need any more attention.

As I lugged my suitcase out the hotel and towards the station, my heart felt like a led weight.

Vanessa-the-Idiot- the one who always falls for the wrong one-been played again.

What was it about me?

I constantly complain about Mr Wrong and guard myself against them by remaining single yet somehow….somehow..I always let them in.

What’s so wrong with me?

Why do I deserve this treatment?

Was it not enough to dump me the first time?

Why did I deserve to be rejected a second time…no not even rejected- ignored!?

I feel for his promises and lies again.

I was always getting it wrong.

What kind of fool was I?

These thoughts replayed in my mind as if on loop.

Tears fell from my eyes as I now sat alone in my carriage awaiting departure.

Kaleidoscopic images of sweethearts locked in loving embraces danced in front of my eyes. I stared wide eyed for fear of blinking out a waterfall.

Why couldn’t that be me?

My eyes now granted me the clarity of vision- I caught sight of something anew.

There he was.

He was standing right in front of me looking right at me.

He mouthed some words.

I couldn’t make them out.

I could hear the beeps going. The train was about to depart.

I opened the window.

“Wonder Woman. Get off the train!”

It was Andrew.

“I’ll give you a lift.”

I hesitated for a second.

After everything I’d done. I insulted his mother, insulted his step-dad, driven away my own Aunty, slept with a man in a relationship.

And yet..and yet he was still here.

I swept up my suitcase and the doors closed behind me.

My baggage remained on the train.


Written by Daniella Blechner

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