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Interview with Julieanne O Connor

14/41 “Mr. Wrong with Daniella Blechner”

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A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to land an interview with the lovely Julieanne O Connor, fellow author and female empowerer. She too, has a book on Love and Relationships called Spelling it Out for Your Man and I feel completely aligned with her sentiment, wit and mindset regarding the male and female species when it comes to relationships. I also love her exploration into the role society plays in the creations of “fantasy” relationships as opposed to real-life nitty gritty, everyday relationships. You can buy a copy of her book here.  Spelling It Out For Your Man. Below is my interview, which felt like a very relaxed chat with a friend!  Thanks Julieanne.

Airing October 14th through October 20th on Transforming Relationships with host, Julieanne O’Connor, and her guest Daniella Blechner Tune-in for a relaxed and entertaining interview with Daniella Blechner, author of Mr. Wrong.

Do you ever feel as though you will never meet the right man? Are your relationships leaving you wondering what you’re doing wrong? Do you attract the same type of man, repeating the same negative patterns over and over again? If you find yourself thinking “Here we go again” or “I’ve been here before”, if you’re dating men who love you and leave you emotionally wounded and insecure, or if you’re wondering why you just can’t seem to get it right, I have news for you. You are simply dating the wrong men.

Mr. Wrong is an insightful and witty exploration into why some women continually attract the wrong men. This powerful collection of humorous, insightful, and entertaining stories are written by women from across the world that have encountered and overcome toxic Mr. Wrong relationships.

dannilouiseTransparent1Mr. Wrong gives women the courage to turn their pain into Power and their adversities into Opportunities. It also gives space for celebrating Mr. Right by acknowledging men’s valuable relationship stories too. Do men get a bad rap? What role do women play in creating Mr. Wrong? Are we victims of our past, social conditioning or are we simply re-enacting negative belief systems? Open up and learn from Mr. Wrong and Claim Mr. Right by making a change from within.


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Best Books on Love, Relationships and Dating

I’ve been reading some pretty amazing books recently and if you’re like me and have been struggling with relationships or if you simply love to read up on the subject of Love, Relationships and Dating then please  check out my recommended reading list.

I am also looking for bloggers to review some of these books so please inbox me to register your interest at if you would like to see your reviews in print and online!