Are You Still Single? Part II

widowAre You Still Single? Part II (Episode-Always the Bridesmaid Never the Bride.)

Fuck! I’ve woken up in my clothes from last night!

Today’s the day.

After a long, hot, comfortable shower, I prized myself away from the bathroom, ready for the events of the day.
Dress pressed? Check.
Accessories ready to go? Check.
Camera, confetti and pepper spray. Check.
(Uncle Vince was going after all.)

Last wedding he went to, he drunkenly tried to kiss the bride thinking it was the bridesmaid. You would’ve thought the dress would’ve been the clue!
Well there’s no way he’s gonna confuse this bridesmaid with the bride I thought as I checked myself in the mirror. I looked hot I had to admit.

Royal blue, sleek, satin dress just dropped perfectly and elegantly to the ground and pearl earrings that hung delicately like teardrops above my jawline. Not being a huge make up fan, I was pretty impressed with the makeover I’d been forced to endure.

“Vanessa,” croaked a voice from behind my door.

“Aunty Mildred?”

“Vanessa. It’s time to get a move on. The guests are arriving.”

I swung open the door pleased with the new me. Today I could feel a renewed sense of happiness.

Aunty Mildred observed me a while as she stood in all her black shining glory. She rubbed her hands together black-laced gloves fondling one another, praying-mantis style, as she looked at me deep in thought,.

“I just don’t know what it is..”

“What is it Aunty?” I asked wondering why on earth she’d chosen to attend her daughter’s wedding in black.

“The colour’s a bit off..” she said

The colour’s a bit off! Is she having a laugh?
The colour’s a bit off!

“I think it’s fabulous,” I said.

“Hmmm,” she said screwing up her face in a discernible frown.

“More to the point, why are you dressed in black?” I said struggling to keep my cool.

“It’s what Peter would have wanted?”

What Peter would’ve have wanted? I thought. What Peter would’ve wanted was for her to live a non-existent life trapped in a tower erected by the powers of Peter- and for a minute, so did I.

“Fuck off Peter.”

“What was that dear?”

“Funky royal blue Aunty. It’s all the rage,” I beamed before ushering her out of the door.

I may not be the one getting married today but I felt a million dollars and nothing and no one was going to make me feel any different.


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