Excerpts from Mr Wrong

Enjoy some excerpts from Mr Wrong here. Enjoy! Any comments or feedback is gladly welcomed. Mr Wrong is a humorous exploration of the many shades of Mr Wrong but is also written with a great deal of love, honesty and empathy. Mr Wrong doesn’t sugar coat or point the finger. Its aim is always to inspire, help and support women through an exploration of experiences and self through a candid lens that reflects our journeys, dilemmas and at times traumatic experiences in a logical and objective way. I appreciate all the support and comments.

Please click on the links below to view the excerpts.

 The Many Shades of Mr Wrong 

Types of Unhealthy Relationships


Start With You

 The Power of Forgiveness

Social Media

To Fish Or Not To Fish? That Is The Question

First Loves

First Loves Part II- The Age of Innocence

Know What you Deserve- Think Positive!



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