The Many Shades of Mr Wrong

Chapter 1: Types of Mr Wrong

Mr Loose Eye


This guy has a revolving eye! Whilst looking you in the eye and telling you you’re the best thing since sliced bread, his revolving eye would be scanning the area for a sandwich! This one is easy to spot; whether it’s the darting eyes, snatching furtive looks at any attractive female within his range, the greedy licking of lips like a kid in a candy store about to dip their hand into the pic ‘n’ mix trough, or the blatant goggle eyed, drop jaw and gormless gawp over your shoulder as he puts his hand on your knee ‘reassuringly.’ Unless you like to ‘share’ he isn’t for you. Put him on his Bike!

The Dreamer


The Dreamer has lots of dreams, hopes and ambitions but nothing written down on paper. The Dreamer is often a charming man with a silver tongue and silky words that could convert the greatest cynic into a dedicated disciple. The Dreamer lures his woman with fanciful words, flattery and flamboyant ideas for the future. He will sweep you off your feet and into his cloud. However, sooner or later you’re wading through the cloud of dust wondering where he has gone, only to realise he’s at one with his bed (of dreams) with no real intention of settling down, landing that dream job, putting that sparkly ring on your finger, walking you down that aisle, being that fantastic father he never had or growing old together with you. Did he ever exist or was he a mere illusion? Leave well alone!

Ladies if you have experienced The Dreamer or Mr Loose Eye. I’d love to hear from you!

Other examples of Mr Wrong are Mr Drifter, Serial Liar, Mr Ex Factor and Mr Vampire..but more about those later…


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