Give Mr Right Some Love

There are so many sincere, honest, compassionate and reliable men out there. Ladies I want to hear from you. How did you meet your Mr Right? Lets show Mr Right some Love! He deserves it!


11 thoughts on “Give Mr Right Some Love

  1. Hi Daniella.
    I have been giving a lot of thought about sharing something for your book. Do you have an email address I can send it to? Would you like a Mr. Wrong or a Mr. Right story?

      • I have not forgotten about my promise to send a story (or two) to you. It is difficult as I am having a hard time choosing my Mr Wrong experience. I have had many. Also, if you have read my blog, I have had some stress with a chest infection and the start of school right around the corner. I just want you to know though, I am committed to sending you off a story, but I don’t want you waiting with bated breath as it might be up to 3 weeks before I can.

  2. I’ll make it short (and can elaborate later if you want me to). But I found Mr. Right pretty quickly after ending my marriage (we weren’t officially divorced but I had ended the relationship just 3 weeks prior to meeting Mr. Right). I only wanted one thing from this guy: to have fun. I was very set against having a relationship and just wanted to have some fun for a change with a guy, with no expectations. And we did have a lot of fun for about a month, with no expectations and no feelings (at least not on my part). And then one day, after about a month, I was looking him in the eyes and thought, “Uh oh, I actually have feelings for this guy.” Then it blossomed into love and I couldn’t be happier. So maybe the idea is to never have expectations. Don’t think that this could be Mr. Right. Just go out and enjoy his company until you either no longer enjoy it, or until you fall in love. 🙂 Easier said than done, but I do think that it makes sense.

    • Thanks dinkschildfree. That makes sense. By Mr Right, I don’t necessarily mean ‘the one you are going to marry and lbw happily after with’ (although would be nice) but simply a genuine man who treats a lady with respect and honesty, is loving and affectionate and if that progresses into anything else than great. I think its more of a Mr Right for you as opposed to ‘Oh he is so wrong stop doing this to yourself!’ No expectations sounds good. In my younger years I had a real fear of commitment so had a similar sort of set up and I had a beautiful six months and a great relationship but unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be. Please, if you could add a little more detail I would love to use this story. How did you two get together? Where did you meet? At what point did it start getting ‘serious?’ What makes him Mr Right? (a chance to sing his praises! 🙂 you can email me at

      Mr Right stories are thin on the ground and think we desperately need inspiring by hearing some success stories x

  3. We met in Italy in 2006. It was like a fairy tale. I was on holiday for 3 months after a 2 year separation and finally a divorce. I was not looking for anything but to simply travel the land that my mother was from. I met him in Florence. He was so beautiful. I came back to the states 2 months later and resigned from my office of Vice President. 10 weeks after that I was living in Italy. It was the most beautiful 3 years of my life. Sadly he died in 2009. Long story…but very unexpected. Oh how I miss my Italian Prince Charming…will I ever know love like that again….

  4. Ohh I’m so sorry to hear that. I can’t imagine how hard that must have been for you. How beautiful it is though that he offered each other such a loving and beautiful experience. An experience some may never get to. Blessed. Thank you so much for sharing.

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