Ladies what are your Needs Wants and Desires?

What is it you look for in a man. One young man I spoke to during my research said that women are attracted to, “money, power and wealth.” Others insist that we like “bad boys” or men who are unavailable or “out of reach.” What do we think about this? Do you agree with these views? What are your needs, wants and desires and what is the difference between them?

How important are our needs, wants and desires? Do we even acknowledge them and how often do we put others before our own?

Please post your views here


3 thoughts on “Ladies what are your Needs Wants and Desires?

    • No I haven’t but must check out. Can’t wait to read your blog. Thanks for the support. I could gave done with a book like this ten years ago! Your contribution is very valued 🙂 This is also a learning yrve or me and I’m living the discoveries! I find human interaction and how we relate to each ofther really interesting.

  1. Hey Daniella, I’m loving reading your blog. As for wants, needs, and desires for men I can tell you what I know so far. I need someone who is honest and someone who can keep in it their pants. I’ve dated someone who lied to my face during most of the time we were together, which I found out about after the breakup, which is another story. And I don’t share, if you are dating me then you should be with me. If you want to be with someone else be man enough to end things with me first. As for wants I would like to someone who isn’t religious, because I’m not and it is something that matters in the long run. I would love to find someone that is taller than me or my height, which is a challenge at my 6′.

    I’ve realized more that your wants and desires change throughout your lifetime single or not. You can’t just say these are all the things I want and need in a relationship because people change constantly. And just because we trip-up sometimes and find the “bad boy” attractive doesn’t mean we want him over the guy we are with or the guy we dream about ending up with.

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