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love treeLove is beautiful thing. A thing so many of us never truly get to experience. Love is a magnificent arrangement between two people. It is a majestic piece of music that ebbs and flows constantly giving and receiving, never leaving. It is a breeze inside of you that forever blows in unison. Never dies. It is a fire that constantly burns. When two people love each other, really and truly, it is the most beautiful thing to behold. The most beautiful state of being, even angels swarm around to catch a glimpse of the action. It is a treasure to behold. Love is not tangible. It is not something we can see or touch. It is an entity and energy in itself, something that is borne to be shared amongst the human race. Even animals experience Love. Love is loyalty, sacrifice, peace and sharing. Love is what makes the world go round. For without it you would be living in a world full of hate. Cold and empty- no room for moving. Restrictions and darkness everywhere. Love is light. Love is flight. Love is limitless boundless and Alive. Love comes in many forms: romantic, parental, friendships, platonic but Real Love is Unconditional. Love is what creates a constant state of Healing on Earth.