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Mr Wrong Book Review

Honoured to receive this beautifully written book review on Mr Wrong written by my co-host Sister ShamiYah with whom co-present with on The PX Book Review Show!

Thank you Sister ShamiYah!

Title- ‘Mr Wrong: Learn From Mr Wrong and Claim Mr Right.’
Author: Daniella Blechner
Publisher: Conscious Dreams Publishing

A silhouetted couple in animated posture graced the cover of this telling testimonial and liberating handbook on one of the most powerful affairs of the heart; the power of Love.

As front cover designs go, there is nothing obscure about the message of the book. Set against a white background, the couple are complemented in red and white attire almost themed to a Valentine romance novel. You can buy this book with your eyes before spending a quid. Your eyes are immediately drawn to the body language of the couple. The woman in a little red number, stiletto heels to match leans pouting to the man with three heart bubbles rising from her. Mr debonair’ s body- language evasive, hides a heart wrapped in barbed wire hidden behind his back.
Mr Wrong, the title is red, almost rising from the cover with the O in wrong a barbed wired heart.

Combining vividly themed colours of red, Black and white, the illustrator grabs the attention of reader who may perceive a romantic novel. Once however, the cover is peeled back; the author’s unstinting personality and skilfully writing profile is what grabs the attention.

dannilouiseTransparent3I am not a novel’s person, so this book was written for me. I am not a Valentine’s person so the cover of itself could have competed for my attention on the shelf. While the message of the book is simple…learn from ‘Mr wrong and Claim Mr Right’ the journey through the book is not that simple. Drawing from the experiences of women around the globe Daniella weaves searching testimonial into the fabric of a structured easy-to-follow text. She uses heading and sub-headings to easily sign post the reader to the contents. This is visually enriched by sketches of characters enhancing the message given succinctly.

The confrontational messages hold up a mirror to the reader as the testimonies are encounters we may have had or are having. Your judgement is suspended as the experiences and mistakes are your or those of your family and friends. Not only if you are tempted to laugh you may be laughing at yourself; but Danni’s sharp wit and sense-of –humour personality will pull your funny-bone anyway.

Consider this book your friend who tells you the truth……..even a mirror! The author’s own honesty and transparency about her journey will open up the reader to come to terms with message ringing in your ear…….” It’s not him, it’s you!” In the absence of self-knowledge and self-LOVE, you draw into your intimate space who you are subconsciously and where you are emotionally and even spiritually.

Using identification terms like, ‘Mr X Factor’, ‘Mr Loose Eye’ and ‘Mr Surfer’ tells how to spot each one. Some of her titles did make me chuckle. I was looking for ‘Mr Village Ram!’ to complete the line-up. Alas, my Caribbean taste for those characters was not to be satiated.
Replete with activities, exercises, and quizzes, Daniella has not only empowered the reader but wrote a book that can be easily read on a holiday break, in between bus stops, lunch breaks and in the psychiatrist chair…to him or her! For with this handbook the psychiatrist or psychologist should no longer be needed.

Liberating! Empowering! Transformational!

Reviewed by Yishebah Baht Gavriel 26/01/15 for PowerXtra Radio Review.

The Power of Forgiveness

The Power of Forgiveness

Forgive heartAs we approach 2016, many of us will be reflecting on the year and making plans for the next. In doing so, it is important to be clear about what we want to take with us and what we must leave behind. Time is linear and so we must always ensure that we are moving forward and not holding onto old resentments from the   past. It’s time to set ourselves free!

Sometimes we experience so much pain we find it difficult to let go. We find it difficult to forgive and move on leaving us stuck in a negative cycle. However it is we who are weighed down and filled with bitterness, resentment, anger, disappointment and regret whilst whoever hurt you is walking around as light as a feather or perhaps continuing to treat others in the same hurtful way. Why are we carrying around their baggage? For hurt and pain are only inflicted as a result of other’s insecurities. Ladies why are we carrying these bags??! What’s in the past is in the past and must stay there! This is easier said than done.

Sometimes we carry this burden- and believe you me I’ve carried a heavy load for a long, long time (probably the cause of my back pain)- because we are afraid to let go. We may feel that if we let go we are allowing the other person to “get away with it” or that we have become a “walkover” somehow by forgetting about it. But in essence what we are doing is quite the opposite; we are finally moving on without the load, without the negative thoughts and feelings eroding our backs, our emotions and our Souls. We also may feel that we cannot let go as we become quite nostalgic about the past. The abuse or pain we endured becomes less “valid” if we let it go. It defines us some way and we don’t want to forget it. But in actual fact what it’s doing is making us move slower, making us weaker, bitter and lonely. Let that traumatic and painful part of your journey not define you but serve as a tool to help you grow stronger and wiser, happier and lighter. Again easier said than done.


Remember forgiving does not mean forgetting. It does not mean letting them back into your lives with the same circumstances or at all for that matter. It means seeing that person as a human being who’s made some terrible mistakes but helped you grow in some way whether it be emotionally, physically, mentally or spiritually. For in every challenge or difficulty there is strength and wisdom to be gained. It means releasing that person and their negative energy and negative situation you endured from your own and freeing yourself. It means forgiving yourself for not feeling strong enough, wise enough to react or act differently at the time. Once forgiveness is achieved we can finally take the next step to finding true happiness. Without forgiveness we will keep attracting the same circumstances, same lessons and same type of person into our lives until forgiveness is learnt. I talk as a lady who’s carried and dropped many bags in my lifetime!


Forgive divine

Here are two of my favourite quotes on forgiveness

Forgiveness is the choice to see people as they are now. When we’re mad at people, we’re focusing on something they said or did before this moment. By letting go of the past, we make room for miracles to replace our grievances.”-Miracle Cards- Marianne Williamson


Forgive and forget all that has hurt you in the past and made you doubt your “lovability.” Realise that hurt and disappointment are inevitable parts of our human learning experience. No matter how painful, the real injury was not that someone didn’t cherish you, but that you erroneously believed you didn’t deserve to be loved.”- Soul Lessons and Soul Purpose Oracle Cards- Sonia Choquette.


For Forgiveness exercises have a read of Mr Wrong and Mr Wrong Work Book

For more information on The Power of Forgiveness check out Daniella’s 7 Steps to creating the Greatest Version of You workshop on Sat 16th January at www.daniellablechner.com (you can buy signed copies of her books here too)




The King..

He is a man who is bold; he knows what he wants and is not afraid to go for it, make his intentions known. This man has a crystal clear vision about who he is and what he wants to achieve. He is not afraid of his emotions, or scared to be vulnerable.


When he looks at her, he sees her. Really sees her. He sees not with his eyes but with his heart. He feels her in his mind, his breath, his Soul. He embraces her Strength, her weaknesses and flaws and encourages her to be the best woman she can be. He recognises the woman in front of him; the heart of gold, the pureness of heart and freedom of Spirit. What she does interests him. He wants to see her happy. He loves to see her smile. He wants to protect her, look after her despite her independence.


He sees through her invisible barriers, brings out the vulnerable young girl…that playful young girl and encapsulates her in his heart, protects her with his might so, never again will she feel unsafe or insecure. He does not complete her, as she is already complete.  He simply allows her to Be. He does not patronise or demean, but recognises the small child that resides within the warrioress woman and dutifully protects her like the Guardian of her Heart.

Protective, not possessive. He likes her to have her own freedom. He loves her free spirited nature. She’s a thinker, a creator, a visionary. He supports her in her dreams and has faith in her vision.

twin-flames-kissing-sunlightShe asked God to send her a man who falls in love with her mind. A man who seeks to enhance her light, not dim it; a man who lets the butterfly fly, not crush it; a man who smiles when she succeeds and holds her hand when she fails; a man who, through it all, is the wind beneath her sails. He sees her Inner Beauty and recognises that her outer beauty is merely a reflection of her Heart, her Soul, her Innermost Being.

He.. sees no weakness in putting his woman first, sees no shame in words like “I love you” or “you mean everything to me,” sees no embarrassment in expressing his desires to her, seeks no hiding place in which to allow his love to dwell unheard. No, this man stands boldly beside her. He is her equal and she, his. Masculine and feminine energy together entwined, beautifully complemented like ying and yang on FIRE!

He has her back, stands unashamedly shrouded in Loyalty, cloaked in Trust and in turn is entrusted with her heart; this, he holds with the greatest of care and utmost respect. Anything less from himself, he will not accept. He does not place her on a pedestal or enforce false and unrealistic expectations on her but accepts her as all that she was, is and will be to come.

Together they have a great sense of adventure, a great sense of fun. Unified, they explore together, love together and, most importantly, laugh together. Humour is the river that runs through all things. Humour creates a sense of lightness, like flying with wings. Lightness brings a free flowing energy essential to survive. Without laughter, you miss the joy and beauty underlying all things.


He may not be a hopeless romantic- a Romeo- but knows how to create a sense of romance when needed. He may not care about anniversaries or birthdays but does so because it is important to her. He may not care about the same things as she does, but shows an interest because he knows and understands her interests, her friends and her family are an extension of her.

This man can compromise, but also knows when to put his Queen in her place. Boldly and gently, he has the ability to tell her where and when she is going wrong and gently steer her in the right direction again. He knows when to speak firmly and when to whisper, when to talk and when to listen. He knows when to wipe away her tears and when to let them fall. When hard times hit, this man does not hold grudges or punish but communicates. He speaks up for his rights and acknowledges hers.

He speaks highly of those he loves, holds them in high esteem; is not afraid to hold up his Queen. He demonstrates a tenacity, a commitment to sticking things through. He sees in her a partner, not a girlfriend, a partnership, not a lover. He sees a relationship as two people steering the boat together, working towards a greater vision. Two ships passing in the night is not an option. When one falls down one helps the other up. Giving up is not an option. This man, when he says “forever”, he means forever. He knows what he wants and who he was born to be. He isn’t afraid of “competition” because he recognises True Love when he experiences it and loyalty when he sees it. He knows his own worth and value. This man, although warm and affectionate, is a …a soldier when it comes to protecting his Kingdom. An Archangel Michael protector with a heart of gold. Courageous lion with the heart of a cuddling bear. He knows when to bare his teeth and when to bear his heart.

He delivers on his promises as he knows it strengthens Trust in which solid foundations are set. He does not seek to make her jealous or destablise her; he only wants to build her up and enhance her. He knows the stronger he builds her, the stronger the union. When he looks her in the eye, he sees his children before him…the mother of his children.. and his heart cries out to love and protect her with fibre in is body, with every waking day; for in him are the makings of a loving father, one who would lie down his life for them no matter the circumstance, season or tide. He sees in his future family, a sense of achievement, legacy and pride. He is the King of his castle and he sees his woman as his Queen. Whatever they do have or do not, they work through life together as a team. The Good, The Bad, The Ugly. For this is how True Love works you see.

But how can he be all these things? I hear you ask.

For He, is a reflection of Her……

Daniella Blechner


Dating Suggestions from Angel the Competition Winner!

Here are some suggestions for interesting dates

Back in the day one of the most popular places for couples to meet was at the dance hall or disco.So how about:

a) Joining salsa,ceroc, jive,swing dance classes.Not only do you learn a new skill and enjoy great music, you can get a great workout and get fit.Also,most guys really enjoy taking the lead and twirling you around the dancefloor.
Hopefully you won’t be partnered with the hapless one taking you to the right when everyone else is going left!

b)If you’re based in London, Late Nights at the V&A (Fridays). Fantastic atmosphere relaxing outside on a balmy summer evening with a glass of wine or enjoy a delicious meal
inside ……and hey,you might even have time to wander around the exhibits accompanied by music from the main hall.

c) Hang out at South bank where you can take a boat trip down the Thames. There’s also the buzz and atmosphere of food stalls,free foyer events or concerts at Royal Festival Hall.

d) If you have an interest in theatre,many offer guided backstage
tours…..a fascinating insight into the nooks and crannies behind the curtains.
For the really adventurous who don’t mind getting hot sweaty and dishevelled,there’s always bungee jumping, kayaking, rockclimbing etc where you might meet a hunky adrenaline junkie.Me, I prefer to stay dry, groomed and preferably on dry land….c’est la vie!

Good Luck,


Mr Wrong in The Voice

I was lucky to have a stint in The Voice Paper. Here it is!

How To Find Mr Right And Say Goodbye To Mr Wrong

LOVE LESSONS: Daniella Blechner

THEY SAY a problem shared is a problem halved, and this old adage has proved particularly lucrative for self-published author, Daniella Blechner.

Using a collection of memoirs from a number of scorned women (and some men) from around the world, Blechner put together Mr Wrong: Learn From Mr Wrong and Claim Mr Right, a self-help book with a twist.

“I don’t believe in rules, or x plus x equals this or that every woman will have the same outcome if they follow the same steps because we’re all different,” she said. “I wanted to create book, first and foremost, as a platform for women to have their voices and stories heard.”

The author, from South East London, explained: “Mr Wrong is a collection of stories written by women from all across the world who seem to keep encountering the same sort of man – men who are unavailable. You know the ones, the guy with multiple names, multiple girlfriends, past baggage, the ones who will time and time again, avoid commitment! [The book] aims to dispel myths about relationships created by society and ones we place on ourselves.”

In fact, Blechner used her own “disastrous” experience in a previous relationship to inspire the book, her first foray into publishing.

“In the past, I wouldn’t speak about the things that went wrong in my relationships, I felt ashamed and worried what friends would think. I buried it all, but I found that once I started to share my story with people, it was actually quite healing.”

After getting her head around blogging and sharing some of her experiences on the popular online platform, the 35-year-old found there was a market for people who had experienced similar pain in their quest for Mr Right.

“A lot of Americans started gravitating towards the blog and started telling their stories, so I put an appeal out asking for women to contact me and share their Mr Wrong stories and I was inundated with stories from America, Canada, UK, Australia and it just kind of happened from there.”

She noticed that from many of the submissions that “most women were entering relationships to complete something within themselves rather than going in as a whole person and loving themselves.”

“Quite often, these women came into relationships expecting the other person to fix them,” she said.

“Another one was repeating past issues. There were quite a lot of women who had an absent father, which is a whole book in itself; those who have a fear of abandonment and look to men to fix their fear, but what they don’t realise that you’ll get men who will go off and abandon you until that situation has been completely healed.”

Though Blechner is quick to point out that she is not a qualified counsellor or relationship coach (in fact, she’s an English tutor by day), she is passionate about empowering and providing support for women.

“Like I said, I just wanted to give women a platform to speak about their stories. This book is not about me telling people what to do,” she clarified.

“The first thing I want to establish is that Mr Wrong is not a how-to book. I am not a dating expert and I am not interested in telling women how to date and how to have a relationship because I believe there are an abundance of books, of which I have read.”

In that sense, Blechner says she thinks fairytales have a lot to answer for.

“There are a lot of women growing up who are indoctrinated by that stuff,” she said. “There’s a sense of ‘you are a princess, but you’re nobody until Mr Right finds you to come and sweep you off your feet and make you a complete person’.”

She then draws reference to a story shared by a male contributor in Mr Wrong whose relationship ended because his partner was hoping he had the key to her completion.

“He says it’s attractive when a woman knows her worth and that really stuck with me. I don’t think I expected that. When you know your worth, you resonate with men who are attracted to that. When you don’t, I think you can let anything in.”

It was a two-year journey getting Mr Wrong to its final destination, which came with numerous rejection letters, self-publishing hurdles and navigating a competitive industry she had no prior experience in. But, she says, it added more character to the sojourn.

“Rejection letters came in and after three or four months it started to get to me, but someone close to me said, ‘Think about [Harry Potter] author JK Rowling and how many rejection letters she had. Don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t do it.’ That ultimately sent me on the path of discovering the world of self-publishing. It hasn’t been easy, but it has been worth it.”

She added: “From the age of four, I would say, ‘I’m going to be a writer, but I’ll do it later in life’. [I would say], ‘I want to save the world, save dogs, save everything and then I’ll write a book.’ But I left the animals and saving the world, it’s too hard. I found my calling in writing.

The Mr Wrong Book Tour kicks off on Feb 12 at Hounslow Library and continues at Brixton Library on Feb 13 and Croydon Waterstones on Feb 14. For more details, visit: http://tinyurl.com/qbgh7af

Want a copy of Mr Wrong? Click below:

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Extraordinary Woman- Silvia Hartmann

Silvia Hartmann

German born researcher, systems designer and author Silvia Hartmann is the creator of The Harmony Program, Project Sanctuary, EMO Energy In Motion, The Genius Symbols and the originator of  The SUE Scale, The Aspects Model and Events Psychology.

A world renown expert on human genius and creativity, and with a lifelong mission to heal the divide between love and logic, Silvia Hartmann has created an unprecedented and entirely original body of work.

Bringing reason, sanity and logic to modern energism, Silvia Hartmann is the chair person and trainings director of The AMT, The Guild of Energists. Her techniques, models, systems are used by millions and her acclaimed training programs are conducted around the world.

Silvia Hartmann’s work with modern energism, which is not based on ancient teachings or religious beliefs, but instead acknowledges directly the truth and reality of human existence, is unprecedented, ground breaking and (r)evolutionary – but most of all, it works.

“Love without logic is insanity. And vice versa.”- Silvia Hartmann

You are an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Practitioner can you explain what this means and how people can benefit?

I was an EFT practitioner from 1998 to 2002, and in that time, I worked with thousands of people – in the street, at exhibitions, on radio and TV shows, in seminars and trainings, all the time. I was fascinated by the responses of people, and I wanted to know exactly how EFT works.

This led me to create EMO – Energy in Motion – in 2002. EMO is a pure energy healing modality that works with the sensations of emotions and psychosomatic pain, and this gave us the missing answers.

EFT works by acting on the energy system, and it is directed by focusing the conscious mind on areas of problems.

The work with EMO also led us to discovering the effects of energy body stress, the SUE Scale, how the Healing Events in EFT work, how events influence the energy body and create beliefs, values and attitudes there, and many other things besides.

In 2011, I re-wrote the official practitioner trainings on EFT for The AMT to incorporate the new findings and now, Energy EFT is unrivalled as a method to help people change, not just fast, but also reliably and logically.

It’s an amazing thing to consider that in all the time that went before, the ancient systems never dealt with emotions at all, and emotions are the most important thing in the lives of humans. They create everything, from art to war, and create human experience from the cradle to the grave.

We finally have a working definition of what emotions actually are – they are feedback from the energy body to let you know how it’s doing.

We finally have a variety of techniques to “control emotions” – for the first time in the history of humanity. As an aside, I do believe that is so because the primary researchers were female, and as such, they knew of the importance of emotions and to find out what’s going on, rather than just trying to make them go away!

EFT, and especially Positive EFT, is an excellent first step into solving the problems in your own life, and taking control of emotions. Particularly Positive EFT is wonderfully effective, uplifting, so simple to use that a 3 year old child can learn it, and simply a brilliant introduction to modern energy work.

What is the difference between EFT and EMO?

In EFT, we follow a simple protocol that works by tapping on major meridian points. EMO works by asking a person where they feel a problem in their body, for example, if someone is very stressed, they might feel this primarily in their stomach churning. In EMO, we don’t have to talk about it or ask who, why or what; we simply direct the healing at that exact place where it hurts, where the disturbance is located, and restore the energy flow there directly.

You could say that EFT is the bridge between old fashioned counselling and psychotherapy style talking about the problem, and EMO, which is pure energy body healing without the talk.

Not having to talk about the problem can have significant advantages for certain types of problems, for example rape victims and child abuse survivors, but also victims of post-traumatic stress and children are often far more comfortable with the direct healing of what hurts right now.


Mr Wrong examines belief systems, in your view where do they come from and how can EFT help eliminate or reduce limiting belief systems or negative core beliefs?

Beliefs come into being as the result of an event that causes a change in the energy body.

For example, a person might be perfectly happy relating to men, and then a single event happens that acts like a lightning strike in the energy system, and causes a major injury in a particular location.

When you ask people about these events, they always know exactly when it happened, when this lightning strike of high emotion went through their body, and the world was never the same again.

Beliefs are the conscious comments; we call them meta-comments, after the fact.

So, for example, someone might have found out that their partner cheated on them. That moment of revelation is a full body experience, that lightning strike, and it changes all the beliefs in heartbeat.

The person goes from, “Men are great fun and I love them!” to “Men are monsters!” in a heartbeat.

It’s the result of that lightning strike, which caused an injury in the energy system. When you finally heal that injury, the beliefs change. The meta-comments change. They don’t change back to how they were, but “men are monsters” won’t be there. The person might come away with “Men are human beings …” and that is far more reality based.

This happens reliably and time and time again, with all sorts of people from all walks of life, all religions, all educational levels. It’s structural and that’s why I know we are right about these injuries in the energy body that can’t be healed by talking – they need ENERGY HEALING to put them right.

So to sum this up – beliefs are created by events in the energy system. When you heal the energy system of its injuries, beliefs change as a direct result of this healing. Which is really awesome, when you think about it!

Is it important to know what our limited beliefs are or return to the “point of trauma” or is EFT simply about releasing?

You can do both, and that’s a really neat thing about modern energy work. We use a system called “The Aspects Model” whereby we say that you, here and now, are not the same person that you were when you were three years old. It thereby makes no sense at all to say, “I have just wet my pants.” That’s not you, that was the three year old aspect, and we need to learn to think that way, and talk that way.

So we say, “The three year old aspect wet her pants.” Now we can send her love and healing across time and space, and when we do, it feels wonderful. We can treat all manner of aspects who are in need of rescue still, in need of love, healing and support, and that’s a wonderful thing.

But we also have the option to simply work with how YOU feel, right here and now, and change that instead.

So if you have a fear of public speaking because of that incident with the three year old who wet her pants at show and tell in kindergarten, and you’re standing at the stage entrance, and you’re about to go on to speak, and you are feeling nauseous here and now, we can simply treat that and it will work just as well.

With EFT and all modern energy work, we have a wonderful rainbow of techniques so that people can choose what they want to do, what feels most right and best to each individual person.

To me, that’s super important; I’m a child abuse survivor and to go with what I need, rather than what dogma dictates I should be feeling or doing, was and still is of utmost importance in all my work.

When we pay attention to how we are feeling, and react accordingly, we experience personal healing that is right, no matter who we are on our respective journeys.

What is the difference between EFT and Positive EFT?

There are essentially two versions of EFT – Classic EFT, the old version that is still used by many who learned EFT back in the day, and Energy EFT.

Classic EFT, even though it consists of tapping on MERIDIAN points, came from a psychotherapy background and didn’t really understand that we were working with the energy body.

Indeed, in Classic EFT the question how it works is never answered; it’s just said that you can tap your negative emotions away and that’s that.

Energy EFT on the other hand, works with the energy body and I learned that the cure for negative emotions is actually positive emotions – strong, powerful positive energies which heal and nourish the energy body.

In Classic EFT, a scale to measure emotions was used, called the SUE scale which went from -10 (totally freaked out) to 0 – no emotions at all.

This was inherited from the medical pain measurement scale. When there’s no pain, the treatment stops and you’re done.

What we learned was that when you are dealing with emotions, having no emotions at all, zero emotions, is not the answer at all!

You need to go up into the positive ranges, when people start to come to life and experience POSITIVE emotions, in order to say that an emotional problem has been healed.

Classic EFT stopped too soon and sent people home before the treatment was actually finished – at that zero point of nothing.

Even so, going from major emotional pain to nothing was a revelation at that time; nobody had ever experienced anything like it.

In Energy EFT, we work with the SUE Scale instead, which goes from -10 via 0 to +10.

That is far more effective and it makes the treatments complete.

But most people do not need psychotherapy at all, where you start with major trauma and slowly work your way up the SUE scale.

For everyday life, and our own various challenges, all we need is really, just some more energy so we feel happier, stronger, and life becomes easier.

So I designed Positive EFT for everyday use, as an introduction to how EFT works, as a simple self-help technique that doesn’t require you to psycho-analyse yourself at all, for use with children and normal, everyday people to have a powerful antidote to emotional stress.

Positive EFT is also useful to introduce people to the positive wing of the SUE scale, and the basic principle that when you feed your energy body with positive energy, it becomes stronger – and you become happier in mind, body and spirit.

You have a new book, Love EFT: Tapping Positive EFT for Dating, Romance, Love and Relationships, out which is incredibly exciting, how can women, and men, benefit from the practises within the book?

LOVE-EFT-by-Silvia-HartmannThere are two worlds – one is the world without factoring in energy, like our own energy bodies and the energy exchanges that happen between people in a couple bubble, or a group bubble. Here, nothing makes sense and everything seems difficult, incomprehensible and out of control.

And then, there is the other world. Here, energy is real, and we factor in what happens energetically between people. Now, all of a sudden, everything makes sense.

Why people who are low on energy get stressed, and start to behave badly. Why we can be saints one minute, and sinners the next. It all depends on the levels of energy in your energy body, and we never knew this.

There are so many things that make perfect sense when you factor in the energy levels.

How a person can literally die of a broken heart – yes, people really have a heart of energy, and it really does get injured, and when it does, the entire energy system is affected and doesn’t work properly any longer.

I saw a lady the other day who was stiff, cold and as frozen. She had been like that since her husband left her, and her heart (of energy!) was broken. She had all sorts of therapy but the simple idea of healing that broken heart had never been addressed, not once, in 15 years!

In Energy EFT, we start and end the rounds with the Heart Healing position. This lady did a little EFT and I told her about her own healing hands and how to put them on her heart of energy with a healing intention, and not five minutes later, she started to melt a little. Colour came back into her face, she could breathe more deeply and her stiff body started to unlock.

Love is all about energy! It is ONLY about energy, so how on Earth could we ever start to heal love problems, or evolve as lovers (!!!), without understanding energy?

It’s a mystery to me …

Seriously though, love problems are energy problems, and we have awesome techniques to finally start healing the energy body and evolving it, helping it grow strong and shiny.

Oh – and that of course, is the X-Factor! Your energy body! That which people can’t see but they can sense it and it’s super-attractive.

I await the day when folk spend as much time and attention on getting a shiny, love-attracting energy body as they do on their teeth, their clothes, their weight loss obsessions and plastic surgery!!!!

Can these be practised at home?

Absolutely! That’s what all the modern energy techniques are for primarily – for one person at a time to learn about their energy system, how it affects their emotions, and to take charge of the whole thing.

And let’s remember – the point of “controlling your emotions” is not to feel nothing, to end up at zero. That’s not life. Feeling amazing, feeling good, and being the person you were designed to be, shining brightly, that’s what modern energy work is all about.

I recommend Positive EFT because you simply can’t go wrong with it. All positive energy is good for the energy body, and a round of Positive EFT gives you a better energy boost than drinking coffee or downing a can of RedBull!

And if you are particularly interested in the power of love, understand the importance of that, feel it in your heart that only love can heal all love problems, then “Love EFT” is for you.

What do you enjoy most about the valuable work you do?

Helping people out of confusion and helping them make sense of their lives. That moment when a person sees the energy body stress chart for the first time, and they realise that they’re not insane, not genetically or karmically doomed, but that they’ve just been under tremendous stress for such a long time – it’s a major triumph, a major victory, each and every time that happens.

To bring logic and love together, to help people discover the logic of love and the reality of energy which makes the world into a truly magical place, that’s my mission and my delight.

When I was young, the world of people made absolutely no sense to me, and for the longest time I thought there had to be something majorly wrong with me.

Now, I know that everybody thinks that – but we were all wrong. There’s nothing wrong with us – apart from having grown up and tried to live with half of reality missing!

Emotions are super important. They are a part of our 6th sense that all humans are born with, but particularly men are trained to ignore – the body sensations that have no physical origin, the body sensations that tell us about the functioning of our own energy system, and that of others.

It may be that the teachers of the world were exclusively male for the past ten thousand years that there has been no significant research into emotions at all, but I am female and I know my emotions. I’ve made it my business to understand them, I’ve spent my entire life doing that, and after 45 years, I am delighted that I have found answers that are practical and make a difference in people’s lives.

I am proud to be an energist – someone who knows that energy is absolutely real, and wants to find out more what energy can do for us individually, for our relationships, for our loved ones, and in the end, for all of humanity.

Where can we buy a copy of your book?

Love EFT is available from all good bookshops, online and off, from February 14th, 2015 and publisher direct as ebook or hardcopy via http://www.DragonRising.com

What next for Silvia Hartmann?

I am an explorer by nature and my first love is research. There is so much we are yet to learn about especially the energy of relationships!

Old energy methods focused on drawing maps of an idealised individual, like the perfect (male!) vegetarian monk from 10,000 years ago.

Modern energy work is about learning how an individual works, but very importantly, about the energetic relationships that exists between all the aspects of a single person, a person and their partner, their families, their social groups.

For the past couple of years, I’ve been working with the structure of groups, and how learning, teaching and teamwork transforms when you take energy into consideration.

This is an ongoing exploration; and then of course, there is my personal favourite, which is the energy mind – previously known as the subconscious or unconscious mind. We now simply say that it is the head of the energy body, and when you improve the flow of energy between the energy mind and the conscious mind, visionary genius becomes a practical reality.

My mission is and has always been to make sense of what it means to be a human being – and true creativity, genius by any other name, is a part of that. It’s a part of our birth right.

Humans have so much untapped potential, and people just didn’t understand how to get there. How to get past their emotional blockages. How to get past their past! By focusing on the energy body, we literally open up unimaginable potential for personal development, further scientific investigation – and having fun, for that is a positive emotional state! – along the way.

Energy is real.

You can feel it’s real.

Now let’s do something amazing with it! 🙂


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Mr Wrong Book Tour is Here!

The Mr Wrong Book Tour is here!


Come and join host Lillian Ogbogoh and author Danni Blechner in a lively debate on Love and Relationships and listen to real life relationship stories from men and women.

“I wrote this book not to preach, teach or tell women how to “date” but to unite us through our stories, inspire us to let go of baggage and empower us by breaking free from negative belief systems and discovering our True Selves.”- a note from the author

This is event is in support of Women’s Aid providing safety for women and children survivors of domestic abuse.

**Click on your chosen link to confirm your attendance.**

You MUST select the event you wish to attend and REGISTER at Eventbrite.

12th Feb, 6pm-7.30pm HOUNSLOW LIBRARY

13TH Feb 7pm-9pm BRIXTON LIBRARY £3 (FREE glass of wine on entry. DJ James Wilkins spinning tunes.

14th Feb 12pm- 2pm WATERSTONES CROYDON

More on Mr Wrong..

MR WRONG COVER 650Do you ever feel that you will never meet the right man? Do your relationships suddenly come to an end leaving you in a wake of dust wondering what just happened or what you could have possibly done to deserve such a swift exit? Do you attract the same type of man repeating the same negative patterns and situations that leave you  thinking, “Here We Go Again?” or “I’ve been here before?” Are you dating men who love you and leave you leaving you emotionally wounded and insecure, wondering why you didn’t cut the mustard? Well, ladies, I have news for you. You do! You are simply dating the wrong man.

My name is Daniella Blechner and I am the author of a book called Mr Wrongwritten after a decade of bad luck with the opposite sex. I no longer make a secret of it and claim it to empower others. Faced with a string of dating disasters, I had no choice but to look within. On my quest to find out what Love really is, I realised that our inner world reflects our outer world and we must Love ourselves before we can truly Love another. I went on a quest to interview women and men around the world and documented their relationship stories.

Mr Wrong is a collection of both humorous and poignant stories written by women who have encountered and overcome the infamous ‘Mr Wrong,’ stories that celebrate men who are getting it right as well as stories from men themselves. From Ex-Mr Wrongs to Men struggling to survive in their “Knight in Shining Armour role” the book reveals men’s innermost secrets, thoughts and feelings on relationships and women. What role do women play in creating so called Mr Wrongs? Mr Wrong allows the reader to question, examine and challenge negative belief systems that block us from having successful relationships with others as well as ourselves. Through interactive exercises, meditations and questionnaires this book is designed to allow the reader to embark on a journey of self-discovery.