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Extraordinary Women- Meet Lillian Ogbogoh

Lillian Ogbogoh

Lillian image “My mission in this life is to empower women.  By helping women to redefine their self-relationships and reconnecting them with their deeply sensual sides. Giving them room to rediscover their own desirable, sensuous and audacious selves.

Many women are being held back from being the person that they know they can be and are not living their full potential.  Not because there are damaged and need to be fixed, it’s because women have been given false ideas of what it is to be feminine.  Most of us women hold thoughts and ideas that do not serve us.

These ideas and thoughts are keeping incredibly amazing women single, celibate and unhappy!”

How do you help women unleash the Power within and who do you work with?

I work with amazing women who are needlessly single, virtually dateless, and unhappy about it. Women who are successful in every area of their lives but one! She feels deep down that she is not enough to have that incredible relationship; she is secretly comparing herself with other women’s lives and finds herself coming up short. Due to the mind monster that has her believing all the lies and half-truths she has secretly adopted as her own through the years. I get her to reconnect with the deeply sensuous woman that she truly is so she can manifest the relationship she desires. I work with women using my Sensuality 101 Signature System to shift the past and all its baggage, creating a brand new way for her to connect with her sensual self and the sensuous world around her; unlocking her flirting style, as well as the things that get in the way of her truly sensual selves.

What inspired you to want to help other women?

Simply put, I have walked in that woman’s shoes, a woman who had fallen out of love with her own magnificence and started to believe the lies the gremlins, were telling about me.  I have had also giving up listening to my own intuition and rationalizing my way into a relationship and settling for less than I deserve. After I discovered personal development, discovered coaching, NLP and a few other modalities, I came to the place that no woman has to go through this and feel like she does not matter deep down.

What makes a successful date?

Well there are many things that contribute to a successful date. Firstly give up the idea of failure and success, and seriously see it as an adventure a chance to discover someone utterly amazing or get a clearer idea of who you want to be out with.  A date is not the time and place to fit a guy up for his wedding suit, so relax and have fun it should not  feel like the Spanish inquisition. The one thing that can ruin a great date is not being fully present because you are so busy worrying about your hair, your make up, if he thinks the waitress is prettier than you or you are busy being the social media queen and checking Facebook. Be where you are meant to be; put away your phone and focus on the person in front of you.


After having read the story Cursed Out what advice would you give other women who have encountered a similar situation?

My singular advice is to be very grateful that he showed you exactly who he is early on.  As the great Maya Angelou said if people show you who they are believe them.  He sounded like he has the If I don’t get my own way it I lash out at the nearest to me syndrome.  This has nothing to do with if she kissed him and how the date ended, it’s about him. Run for the hills and don’t turn back not even to pick up the fallen heels….


How can you tell if a man is interested in you?

Well this can be a bit tricky as it depends where you have met this man.  If a man is interested in you he will come over and talk to you is the standard belief. However this is not always the guess as some men are shy and will not approach you even if their lives depended on it.  Watch his body language as the body does not lie.. Is he leaning in when you are having a conversation?  Read his body language to see if he is using open body cues, he is leaning in and very attentive to what you are saying. He makes excuses to touch your arm or your face and is making consistent eye- contact with you I will say that Mr. Cute is definitely interested in you.  Also watch how he behaves towards you when other people are around or when you are out does he act in a protective fashion towards you this is a good sign that he is into you, Is he actually interested in the words that are coming out of your mouth? A man who is truly interested in you will be interested in you, not just how hot you look but the words that are coming out of your mouth and what is going on in your life.


How can you show a man you are interested in them without seeming desperate?

This is loaded question right here,  as the socialization is that if a woman shows a man she is interested she is deemed to be desperate or as the youth’s will tag it “Thirsty” I think this gets in the way of women being open to flirting and speaking up for their desires. Women for centuries have been telling men they find attractive exactly what she thinks.  The hanky drop was the signature more of the Victorian era, the sly glances from behind a fan… For our era we need to learn to employ our sensual avatar to do the flirting for you. Since we don’t have hankies at the ready, the best tools to use are eye contact, body language and the powerful flirting techniques that draws him to you…..


Do you have any dating disaster stories? Tell us!

Oh I have had a few disastrous dates but one that stands out will be the one I call the cat guy, not because it was that bad.  Because it was the first date that I was measured up against his cats! Then he proceeded to tell after I have ordered my food, how exotic it looked and what was that red spice….. I said pepper flakes, I spent half an hour listening to how his mother and auntie cooks all his meals, and the crescendo was being told that if his two Persian cats did not like me we could not date as he holds his cat mannerism as the level of perfection in a woman….. At that moment I gave up on the date and just enjoyed my meal J


What makes a successful relationship?

In my eyes a successful relationship is one that works for both parties involved, the easiest way to do this is give up on the idea of a 50/50 relationship because this idea is based on lack mentality. Instead adopt the idea of bringing the whole you to the relationship and play full out, it will give the other person the permission to do the same. Don’t turn your man into your hairy BFF! Ladies I know we all want our love interest to be our best friend but you have to know what to save for your girls and what will just end up as white noise….  Play and fight fairly…..In any relationship you will argue just remember to fight fairly by sticking to the issue at hand and not making it personal and owning your feeling.  Display of affection is the life blood to keeping your relationship strong.  Here is the thing just in case you don’t know every man wants to know that he is desired, appreciated and respected by his partner, just as much as we want to be appreciated, desired and adored. Don’t compare your relationship with others out there make your relationship unique to both of you.

What advice would you give women who are healing after a break-up?

As much as there is a whole glut of personal development ideas that keeps us in this happy cycle when we feel like screaming, I am a fan of acknowledging what you are feeling. Yes feel what you are feeling, scream, rant and rave to your BFF into your ice- cream and let the feeling pass. Do not turn this into an opportunity to have a pity party for one! Secondly take ownership of your part of what happened in the relationship, throw out the victim mode and take charge….. Spend time rediscovering your juicy self again what you enjoy doing and what makes you smile,  also be extremely gentle on yourself as you are healing treat yourself as your own BFF at this point!

I hear you too, are writing a book, tell us about it and why you decided to begin this adventure.

For more information on Lillian’s services, workshops and book check out: Yes I am in the process of compiling a book anthology titled “Born for this! The journey to success in life, love and business!  I am bringing together 29 co-authors from across the world the share their insights on their personal journey to success how they overcame failure in their life, love and business. I decided to start this journey  after I was a co-author in the  best-selling book called Success in high heels and I felt very fortunate to be part of  a collective that was sharing a powerful story 30 different ways and I decided to repeat the process and create 29 brand new co-authors……

Find out more about the Lovely Lillian at www.LillianOgbogoh.com

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